Think. Live. Repeat.

Brett Snodgrass - "How to Find Success AND Significance " Ep. 80

February 27, 2024 Season 2 Episode 80
Think. Live. Repeat.
Brett Snodgrass - "How to Find Success AND Significance " Ep. 80
Show Notes

In this episode, Brett Snodgrass, an author, entrepreneur, and real estate expert, shares his journey from pursuing material success to seeking significance and impact. He discusses his transition into the real estate industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Brett also emphasizes the importance of mindset and personal growth, and how he has learned to prioritize his time and energy by developing filters for his life. He concludes by discussing his motivation for writing his book, 'The Secret War Within,' and the unique approach he took in sharing his story. The conversation covers influential authors and speakers, the power of stories and humor, the impact of fiction, future books and projects,  navigating opportunities and goals, and engaging with Iron Deep.

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  • Transitioning from success to significance requires a shift in mindset and a focus on impact and purpose.
  • Entering the real estate industry can still be competitive and successful, but it requires hard work, mentorship, and adaptability.
  • Developing filters for your life can help you prioritize your time, energy, and relationships.
  • Living with intentionality and being true to yourself are key to finding fulfillment and avoiding regrets.
  • Writing a book can be a creative and unique way to share your story and connect with others. Influential authors and speakers can inspire and inform through their storytelling abilities.
  • Stories and humor are powerful tools for increasing information retention.
  • Fiction can provide a relatable and impactful way to convey principles and truths.
  • Future books and projects should be driven by passion and a desire to create something impactful.
  • It is important to filter opportunities and goals to ensure alignment with personal values and priorities.
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