Think. Live. Repeat.

The Solo Files #4 "You'll Never Beat Anxiety" - Ep. 74

January 16, 2024 Season 2 Episode 74
Think. Live. Repeat.
The Solo Files #4 "You'll Never Beat Anxiety" - Ep. 74
Show Notes

It's just me today - getting real about anxiety and panic and sharing some hints on exciting things on the horizon. Enjoy!


  • Mental health, specifically panic and anxiety, is becoming more of a significant focus of the podcast.
  • The terminology used to describe mental health struggles can create unrealistic expectations.
  • Embracing the journey and focusing on direction and identity is more beneficial than fixating on a destination.
  • Setting unrealistic expectations for overcoming mental health challenges can lead to additional stress and anxiety.


Introduction and Focus on Mental Health

The Journey of Overcoming Panic and Anxiety

The Problem with the Terminology of Overcoming Mental Health

Embracing the Journey and Erasing the Destination

Stop Beating Yourself Over the Head with Expectations

Focus on Direction and Identity

Excitement for the Future

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Hindsight (Instrumental) by Fivefold (used with written permission)
By Your Side by Caslow, Bertie Scott & Patfromlastyear (used with written permission)