Think. Live. Repeat.

Jason Feifer - "Why Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson Are So Successful". Ep. 69

December 12, 2023 Season 2 Episode 69
Think. Live. Repeat.
Jason Feifer - "Why Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson Are So Successful". Ep. 69
Show Notes

Ever wish you could sit down with Ryan Reynolds or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and find out the keys to their success? Today you're going to hear from someone who actually did! Jason Feifer is the incredible Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur magazine, bestselling author, speaker & mindset/business influencer.
We discuss the concept of the zigzag payoff, which involves exploring new opportunities and being open to unexpected paths. We also talk about how to determine which opportunities to pursue and how to approach them as experiments. Jason emphasizes the importance of defining success on your own terms and being willing to be bad at something in order to improve. We also touch on how to prepare for interviews with high-profile individuals and the common thread between multifaceted individuals like Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Jason discusses his weekly newsletter, One Thing Better, which provides insights and strategies for success at work.

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  • Be open to exploring new opportunities and be willing to zigzag in your career path.
  • Approach new opportunities as experiments and gather information from them.
  • Define success on your own terms and focus on your core skills and passions.
  • Prepare for interviews by understanding the interviewee's vibe and thinking process.
  • Multifaceted individuals often have a strong sense of purpose and are open to expanding their presence in various areas.

Introduction and Guest Introduction

The Concept of Zigzag Payoff

Exploring New Opportunities

Determining Good Opportunities

Using Experiments to Explore Opportunities

Defining Success and Making Money

Preparing for Interviews with High-Profile Individuals

The Common Thread Between Multifaceted Individuals

Promoting the Newsletter

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Music: Hindsight (Instrumental) by Fivefold (used with written permission)