Think. Live. Repeat.

Stephen Stanley - “Hitting Billboard Top 20!” Ep. 67

November 28, 2023 Season 2 Episode 67
Think. Live. Repeat.
Stephen Stanley - “Hitting Billboard Top 20!” Ep. 67
Show Notes

They say music is the universal language because it can transcend language barriers and go straight to the heart. Today's guest is singer/songwriter Stephen Stanley and he's taken that concept to a whole new level. I've personally listened to his newest album Divided Frame of Mind more than any other album this year and he masterfully weaves an entire narrative throughout each song. He's got an incredible ability to take his own journey and relate it to people from all walks of life...I promise you won't be disappointed!

Hailing from Mansfield, Georgia, Stephen started playing his mother's guitar at the age of nine after an accident left him deaf in one ear, discovering an innate musical ability and a talent for melody. By 13, he expanded his skills to piano and drums, writing songs and leading worship at his father's church. Over the last decade, Stanley has honed a distinct voice, infusing every note with raw emotion and a profound sense of purpose.

2023 marked the release of his first album and tour, and rest assured he's just getting started!

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Music: Hindsight (Instrumental) by Fivefold (used with written permission)